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The future is becoming smart. We hear about it all the time. Smart TVs are becoming as common as desktops. There’s smart thermostats, smart watches, smart baby monitors, and so on. But the spread of smart devices means security needs to get smarter too, so F-Secure has stepped up the security game by building F-Secure […]

The future is becoming smart. We hear about it all the time. Smart TVs are becoming as common as desktops. There’s smart thermostats, smart watches, smart baby monitors, and so on.

But the spread of smart devices means security needs to get smarter too, so F-Secure has stepped up the security game by building F-Secure SENSE. SENSE is the first piece of security hardware designed entirely by F-Secure, and it’s setting a new standard for what security products are capable of delivering. SENSE was built to keep up with how technologies are changing what people actually want and need from security providers, so that they can stay protected as Internet-connected devices become a bigger part of their lives.

SENSE is a completely new way for people to protect their security and online privacy. It combines hardware and software to give people a single system that can secure all of their Internet-connected devices. Instead of using traditional security apps to protect one or two devices at a time, SENSE works by creating a private, secure network inside of people’s homes that protects the Internet traffic exchanged between the devices in this network and the rest of the Internet. This allows SENSE to protect things like PCs, smartphones, and tablets, but also Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are unable to run traditional security apps.

SENSE also comes with the SENSE app, which can be installed on devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, so these devices can stay protected even when they leave the home. There’s no limit to the number of devices that SENSE can protect, so you don’t have to buy individual subscriptions for each device. This makes SENSE a completely unique way to protect people – and not just individual devices – from online threats.

“The beauty of SENSE is that it is irrelevant whether you have 1 PC, 1 tablet, and 2 phones, or whether you have 3 PCs, 4 tablets, 3 phones, a smart TV, 2 game consoles, and a connected security camera,” says F-Secure Director of Product Management Mika Majapuro. “People don’t think about security and privacy on a device level – they want to protect all their devices in a smart way. This is what SENSE delivers, and it will continue to evolve as your needs and priorities change.”

So SENSE is a completely new security product that delivers three key benefits that can help empower people to stop being afraid of using new technologies, and start enjoying a truly smart lifestyle.

Smart Security

Smart Convenience

According to Gartner, the average home could contain more than 500 connected devices by 2022, making it completely impractical to try and protect each and every device with a separate piece of software. Plus, many IoT devices won’t even let people install their own security apps. So the old way of protecting devices is dying, and SENSE is there to make it easy for people to get used to thinking about security in an entirely new way.

SENSE’s app gives people an easy way to administer the security and privacy of their network and devices. It lets people see all the devices connected to the network, and their security status. It will also send notifications to people’s mobile device if it finds any issues with their devices or network. Plus, it provides people with general security tips to help them learn more about how to stay safe online, and lots of other information about online security and privacy.

Smart Privacy

People are more worried about their privacy now than ever before. One research firm found that 92% of Americans and Britons worry (at least sometimes) about their online privacy, with both nationalities citing the behavior of companies as the most common reason for their concerns. PEW’s research has produced similar findings, saying 91% of Americans feel that people have lost control over how data is collected and used by companies. And controlling privacy is going to be an ongoing challenge as more people put IoT devices in their homes.

These devices contain all kinds of sensors and transmitters that collect and share information, and it’s been confirmed that one manufacturer’s smart TVs are constantly collecting data and sharing it with companies. So SENSE helps people keep control of their privacy by securing Internet traffic. It blocks the invasive technologies that companies use to monitor people’s online behavior, such as spyware and other tracking tools.

Smart Security

IoT devices are giving people exciting new ways to live smart lifestyles, but there’s certainly security risks involved with this. Mika Majapuro describes some of the security problems many IoT devices suffer from in this blog post. And you can read one family’s account of how their “smart” baby monitor had been hacked here.

SENSE layers three kinds of security together to give people complete protection: local network security, cloud security, and local security software. It uses unique machine-based learning technologies in F-Secure’s Security Cloud to “sense” threats hidden within Internet traffic, so it actively learns about potential security threats before they hit devices. And it comes with software that can be installed on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, ensuring those devices receive the very best protection that’s made F-Secure famous.

Mika says combining these three benefits helps SENSE strike a balance between offering sophisticated protection and ease of use, making it an ideal product for people to use as a foundation for building a truly smart lifestyle.

“SENSE is a unique product because it was designed to let people grow and develop their own smart lifestyle without leaving their comfort zone. So even though it’s easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes, it’s sophisticated enough for people to use the in-depth information it offers to customize the way it works with other devices. It’s really our first consumer product that makes next generation technologies, like machine-based learning, fully accessible and useful to home users.”

F-Secure SENSE will start shipping in spring 2016, and is priced at 199 EUR/USD, which includes the hardware, software, and a 12-month subscription. It is currently available for preordering for customers in Europe, and the first 5000 customers will receive a 50% discount.

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